Webgis Production Supply Chains and Services | Industrial Areas


The Webgis Production supply chains and Services is an interactive tool that - object of further implementations - helps investors, entrepreneurs and economic operators to easily find the most relevant information in order to assess location opportunities in the metropolitan area of Bologna. Navigating on a geo-referenced map, you can have a detailed view of the production supply chains, infrastructure and services to individuals and/or businesses.
Warning: when you open the Webgis, the Engineering supply chain is automatically displayed. To select another one, disable the checkbox on the left panel.


Alongside the Webgis Production supply chains and services, you can go to the website Industrial Areas and view the lots in the industrial areas with development potential, the available sheds and the main technical / administrative regulations in force.

For a specific focus on the area of the Municipality of Bologna, see the maps of the >  Municipal Structural Plans - Piani Strutturali Comunali (PSC)