Enchancing the Entrepreneurship of SMEs in Circular Economy of the Agri-Food Chain


Programme: Interreg Europe
Lifetime: 36+12 months, from 01/08/2019

Key words: circular economy, SMEs, agri-food, agri-food chain, agri-food circular economy


Objective: Circular economy is a new approach of economic development models. It provides the potential to use one’s waste as resource input to others productive chain thus offering a longer life cycle of the products and a more environmentally friendly business approach. SinCE-AFC aims at involving SMEs of the Agri-Food chain in circular economy through the promotion of the appropriate managing and financial horizontal mechanisms. The overall objective of SinCE-AFC is to improve policies in the field of regional innovation strategies by facilitating horizontal mechanisms that support and enhance SMEs entrepreneurship in the Agri-Food sector through the exploitation of Circular Economy opportunities. SinCE-AFC boosts an interregional learning process based on good examples and develops methods and concrete measures to improve the policies chosen by the partners with the common aim to propose mechanisms and tools in favor of the creation, development and growth of SMEs in the Agri-Food chain using the innovative principles of circular economy. The project also aims to strengthen cooperation between regional authorities and agri-food operators in order to create new business opportunities and to promote the principles of the circular economy among agro-food entrepreneurs.


  • ANATOLIKI S.A. Development Agency of Eastern Thessaloniki's Local, Greece (Lead Partner)
  • Region of Central Macedonia, Greece
  • Metropolitan City of Bologna, Italy
  • University of Bologna, Italy
  • Hajdú-Bihar County Government, Hungary
  • Donegal County Council, Ireland
  • Wielkopolska Region, Poland
  • South Muntenia Regional Development Agency, Romania
  • Devnya Municipality, Bulgaria 



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