European projects - Who are we?

The Metropolitan City of Bologna is based in North East Italy. It covers an area of 3,702.3 square kilometres with over 1 million inhabitants.

It is composed by 55 municipalities, including Bologna which is the capital of Emilia-Romagna Region.

Being a metropolitan city means that Bologna is one of the most populous and economically important cities in Italy.

The Metropolitan City’s competences are:

  • Strategic territorial development
  • Efficient provision of services for the municipalities and their unions
  • Economic and social development
  • Spatial planning, mobility and infrastructures
  • Digitization and technology systems.

The Metropolitan City maintains responsibility in relation to:

  • School buildings (60 high schools)
  • Road system (1,400 km of roads).


What makes the Metropolitan City of Bologna a European front-runner case?

  • A business ecosystem with highly-competitive enterprises
  • International-wide research centers
  • A unique health system in Italy
  • Its cultural excellence and tourist attractions
  • Large-scale broadband internet access and ultra-wide connectivity
  • Its strategic logistics location
  • Highway junction connecting the North and the South of Italy
  • Railway junction connecting the North and the South of Italy
  • International airport


EU projects

Cooperation projects represent for the Metropolitan City of Bologna important tools to compare at European level practices, methodologies and policies, for the implementation of innovative services and platform geared to business needs. It has a wide experience both as project partner and lead partner.



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