Promotion of natural and cultural heritage to develop sustainable tourism in protected areas

PRONACUL - Promuovere la valorizzazione e la conservazione del patrimonio naturale e culturale come risorsa per la crescita della regione adriatico-ionica

Programme: Interreg ADRION

Lifetime: 01/04/2020 – 30/09/2022 (extended to 04/2023)


Key words: Natural and cultural heritage, protected areas, Natura 2000 Network, sustainable tourism.


Objective: PRONACUL supports the conservation and promotion of natural and cultural heritage in the Adriatic-Ionian area and supports the development of transnational strategies to jointly promote it as a sustainable tourism destination. 12 partners and 2 associated partners from Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Bosnia Herzegovina and Serbia participate in the project, which will contribute to improve the management of natural and cultural heritage through a participatory multi-step approach.

After an initial phase in which the partners will analyze the practices adopted in the local protected areas, these will be used as a basis for developing a common methodology for the management of natural and cultural heritage in the entire Adriatic-Ionian area. The methodology will contain guidelines for the development of new solutions to identify natural and cultural heritage as a potential tourism development resource or to improve existing tourist destinations. Local Action Plans will be developed to test and apply it in 15 pilot areas, from whose experience a Regional Route will subsequently be proposed. Interactive training courses will involve the project partners to acquire skills on how to apply the developed methodology and to be able to transfer them to local stakeholders during dedicated workshops. The local workshops will also be an opportunity for discussion with local stakeholders on the methodology developed to improve its applicability according to local peculiarities and the experience of sector stakeholders. The experience and knowledge acquired will be disseminated and promoted through a "Virtual Camera", which will act as an interactive space and a place for exchange and advice for tour operators, protected areas and regional promotion agencies interested in replicating experiences throughout the area. Adriatic-Ionian. Finally, the project will address politicians and institutions through the development of recommendations for the improvement of sector policies and sustainable strategic management of natural and cultural heritage.

PRONACUL aims to achieve the following results:

  • Analysis and production of a database of good practices for the conservation and enhancement of the natural and cultural heritage;
  • Development of a common methodology for the management of the natural and cultural heritage in the Adriatic-Ionian area;
  • Creation of a participatory local training network aimed at local or regional administrations, regional economic development agencies, tour operators and organizations, associations, universities, museums, etc ...
  • Local Action Plans to test the methodology developed in some pilot areas and improve its applicability;
  • Development of a “Virtual Camera” as a space for exchange and consultancy for tourism promotion agencies and entities for the preservation of the natural heritage;
  • Policy recommendations for sustainable tourism development plans and strategies.



  • Regional Development Agency Zasavje, Slovenia – Lead Partner
  • Agenzia di sviluppo del Veneto Orientale, Italy
  • Rijeka Tourist Board, Croatia
  • ILIA CHAMBER, Greece
  • Region of Ionian Islands, Greece
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Association LiNK, Bosnia Erzegovina
  • University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Sciences, Serbia
  • Agency for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises of City of Trebinje, Bosnia Erzegovina
  • Zagreb County Tourist Board (Croatia)
  • Municipality of Raška (Serbia)
  • Città metropolitana di Bologna
  • Centre for the promotion of entrepreneurship Piran Ltd (Slovenia)

Partners associated

  • Cultural center Zagorje ob Savi (Slovenia)
  • Public Institution Nature Park 'umberak - Samoborsko gorje (Croatia)


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