CREATURES - Promoting Creative Tourism through new Experiential and Sustainable routes



Lifetime: 30 months, from 01/03/2020 to 31/08/2022 (extended to 02/2023)

Keywords: Sustainable tourism, Cultural heritage, Orange Economy, Cultural and Creative industries, experiential tourism


Objective: CREATURES aims at preserving cultural heritage, promoting sustainable and experiential tourism in the Adriatic-Ionian Region (ADRION) by exploiting Cultural&Creative Industries’(CCI) potential, finding a right balance between innovation and conservation of the Adrion rich cultural heritage.
The Project, therefore, will develop actions and tools for raising competencies, support decision making processes and test the solution proposed, and in particular:

  • a Joint Acceleration Programme that will increase (especially) CCI-related SMEs and start-ups’ capacities to do business supporting cultural heritage preservation and sustainable tourism;
  • Policy Recommendations, Local Action Plans and related Pilot Activities that will provide decision makers with new strategic tools useful to better support CCI in the project fields;
  • Mobile app and multimedia installations that will attract tourists (especially young people) in the new CreaTourES routes and encourage them to explore ADRION cultural heritage in an "alternative" way.

The project will generate positive changes on the ADRION Region at 3 levels: economic, increasing CC SMEs-startups’ competitiveness and tourist flows attracted by the CreaTourES routes offered; cultural, through a greater valorization of cultural heritage; strategic, improving policies and promoting a more integrated vision of CCI.

The chosen approach will well-balance beneficiaries’ increased knowledge & skills, being integrated, participatory and transnational, exploiting CCI sector and its key-role in economic growth and cultural valorization of the ADRION Region, and boosting high-quality and sustainable tourist offer through an experiential approach. Spill-over effects will be: enhanced
collaboration among tourism-CCIs-decision makers, revitalized marginal areas, diversified and innovative tourism offers, extended seasonality.



  • Città Metropolitana di Bologna, Italy (Lead partner)

  • Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region, Italy

  • Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia

  • Patras Science Park S.A., Greece

  • Αthens University of Economics and Business Research Center, Greece

  • Regional development agency Dubrovnik-Neretva County - DUNEA, Croatia

  • Regional Directorate of National Culture, Vlorë, Albania

  • School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Erzegovina