MINEV - Waste Minimization in Large Events


Website: https://www.interregeurope.eu/minev

Social: Twitter; Instagram
Thematic: Greener
Programme: Interreg Europe
Lifetime: March 2023 – May 2027





The objective of MINEV is to strengthen the policies and strategic tools of the different partner territories so that they can identify and standardise possible actions for the minimisation of waste in the holding of major events.

The project will analyse different types of major events: entertainment, scientific and business events, sporting and religious events, events in natural sites, also considering the differences in their outdoor or indoor performance, in order to reinforce measures and provisions offering targeted and punctual solutions.


Main actions:

The main actions of the project will revolve around the process of exchange of experiences among partners:

  • In the initial phase, an intensive programme of workshops and study visits will be developed, including at major events in the various partner cities, in order to implement mutual expertise.
  • In the central phase, the main objective will be the production of results: the competences acquired will have to be integrated into the political instruments and strategies of the different territories and will have to be measured at the major events held. In this phase, the approach is mainly focused on local comparison in close synergy with stakeholders for the exchange of good practices.

The follow-up phase will be an opportunity to monitor the results achieved at regional and interregional level, the policy implementations and the evolution of the events organised annually.

  • Lead Partner - LIMASAM Cleaning Services of Malaga Ltd., Spagna
  • KRWMC Klaipeda Regional Waste Management Center, Lituania
  • Metropolitan City of Bologna, Italia
  • Municipality of Krakow, Polonia
  • Region of Central Macedonia, Grecia
  • Advisory Partner - ACR+ Association of Cities and Regions for Sustainable Resource Management, Belgio