MICROFUTURE- Future proof microfinance for social inclusion



MICROFUTURE aims to improve the public policy framework concerning microfinance in the territories involved in the project. Microfinance, as an alternative to classic financing channels, offers new opportunities for the development of the labour market for micro-enterprises and the most vulnerable people. To be truly effective, however, it must respond to the major environmental, social and economic challenges of today: it is necessary to create an offer that is at the cutting edge, that has learned from the experience of the pandemic. To do this, the skills of public authorities and service providers must be increased by concretely changing models and patterns of action.


Main actions:

In the core phase, the project will be divided into 3 stages:

  1. Full immersion in microfinance, to analyse what it means and should mean in the various regions involved. Through interregional seminars with experts and working closely with stakeholders, challenges and measures already implemented will be analysed.
  2. Future developments in microfinance, to identify what they would be and how to achieve them. Workshops and study and exchange visits to analyse different contexts, map possible gaps/good practices and involve target groups.
  3. Territorial impact, to design and, where possible, initiate the implementation of concrete policy improvements. Thematic and practical workshops, bilateral and capacity-building meetings with a "policy chance clinic" approach to support each territory in identifying, structuring and approving proposals to adapt its policies.

The follow-up phase will continue the exchange and development of partners' expertise at regional and interregional level, focusing on improvements already achieved and those not yet achieved to consolidate the microfinance system in each region.

  • Lead Partner - Regional Intermediate Body of European Programs Human Capital Bucharest Ilfov Region, Romania
  • Advisory partner - YUNUS Foundation Italy, Italia
  • Metropolitan City of Bologna, Italia
  • Development Centre Heart of Slovenia, Slovenia
  • Region Örebro County, Svezia
  • County of Seine-Saint-Denis, Francia