GRESS - GREen Startup Support


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Thematic: Smarter, Greener
Programme: Interreg Europe
Lifetime: August 2019 – July 2023




The objective of GRESS is to improve SME competitiveness policies by enhancing capacities to trigger and support the creation of sustainable and competitive start-ups and spin-offs in the green economy. The project leads partners through a process of learning, identifying and exchanging good practices, enabling interregional collaboration to create European added value. All with the aim of improving practices and support systems for SME competitiveness, strengthening capacities to understand, stimulate and enhance the green economy, currently characterised by fluctuating levels of growth, with consequent benefits for SMEs.


Main actions:

The activities planned to achieve the objectives include

  • The exchange of experiences,
  • the identification, benchmarking and transfer of good practices

There are many examples of good practice in enhancing green and blue companies, but unfortunately many of these examples are not replicated in other regions and remain unused. The project focuses on approaches and methods for attracting and mobilising green start-ups (e.g. through training, competitions, incentive systems), capacity-building measures for green start-ups, sustainable business models, developing public support systems and making public procurement of green products and services more attractive.

  • Lead partner - Kristiansand Municipality, Norway 
  • Municipality of Piraeus, Greece
  • Westpomeranian Region, Poland
  • Metropolitan City of Bologna, Italy
  • Foundation Cleantech Bulgaria, Bulgaria