PROCURE - Creating a Good Local Economy through Procurement


Programme: Urbact III

Lifetime: September 2015 - May 2018

Keywords: procurement, gpp, csr, good practices, policies


Objective: Procure aims to explore how procurement can be used more effectively to bring local economic, social and environmental benefit to cities through 3 main activities at partner level:

1) Developing awareness of economic power and barriers to innovation in public procurement within each partner city.

2) Encouraging innovation in public procurement with discussions focused on: 

  • Simplifying the process of procurement;
  • Actively reduce levels of spend leaking out of cities;
  • Raising awareness of procurement opportunities;
  • Identifying services where there is potential for a different model of delivery.

3) Establishing a holistic approach to procurement which benefits the local economy and also the well-being of citizens.




  • City of Preston, UK - Lead Partner
  • City of Lublin, Poland
  • City of Koszalin, Poland
  • City of Koprivnica, Croatia
  • City of Nagykallo, Hungary
  • Satu Mare County, Intercommunity Development Association, Romania
  • Business Innovation Centre Albacete, Spain
  • Almelo, Netherlands
  • Candelaria, Spain
  • Metropolitan City of Bologna, Italy
  • Prague District 9, Czech Republic





Twitter: @Procure_eu

LinkedIn: Procure: Procure