R-ICT - Responsible ICT Network promoting socially responsible information & communication Technologies


Programme: CIP ICT-PSP


Lifetime: March 2014 – February 2016


Keywords: CSR, SMEs, ICT, good practices


Objective: R-ICT promotes CSR within the ICT sector, including themes of key importance to our daily lives, such as better internet for kids, safer internet, inclusion, web-accessibility, digital social platforms, ICT for ageing well, ePrivacy, do-not-track, on-line behavioural advertising, media freedom and pluralism, no disconnect strategy.


The R-ICT network works in close cooperation with DG CONNECT in order to address social, environmental and cross-cutting concerns, including competitiveness, responsible innovation and social innovation.




CISE, Italy - LP

Province of Bologna, Italy

Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece

Kaunas University of Technoloigy, Lithuania

Lund University, Sweden

Scottish Business in the Community, UK

City of Eindhoven, Netherlands

Toulon Var Technologies, France

Government of Extremadura, Spain

Foundation FUNDECYT, Spain