LOGICAL - Transnational LOGistics' Improvement through Cloud computing and innovAtive cooperative business modeLs

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Programme: Central Europe


Lifetime: May 2011 – December 2014


Keywords: logistics, cloud, innovation, SMEs, ICT


Objective:LOGICAL’s objective is to enhance the interoperability of logistics businesses of different sizes, to improve the competitiveness of Central Europe logistics hubs through a decrease of transaction costs (better access to relevant information of global players), and to promote collective (sustainable) modes of transport (multi-modal co-operation). The project elaborates a universal standard for cloud computing for logistics, implements a cloud computing platform as a beta version, tests it in a period of one year (functionality, quality parameters), and brings the cloud computing to full operational capacity for 4 major logistics hubs in Central Europe. Transnational collaboration delivers a transferable approach to which other logistics hubs can adhere to.




Aufbauwerk Region Leipzig GmbH, Germany – LP

Leipzig/Halle Airport, Germany

Logistics Network Leipzig-Halle, Germany

University of Leipzig, Germany

Wroclaw University of Economics, Poland

CL Consulting & Logistics Ltd., Poland

Bay Zoltan Foundation for Apllied Research, Hungary

Misdolin Plusz, Hungary

Consorzio IB Innovation, Italy

Province of Bologna, Italy

Luka Koper, port and logistic system d.d., Slovenia

Regional Development center Koper, Slovenia