JOB TOWN2 - Working tighter to contrast youth unemployment


Lifetime: 10th October 2016 – 10th April 2017


Programme: Urbact

Keywords: youth unemployment.


Objective: JobTown 2 is a transnational knowledge-sharing Implementation Network, comprising seven city municipal authorities. We work together - with local stakeholders - to develop innovative, practical approaches to tackling youth unemployment. all our communities; without effective action, the failure of young people to enter the labour market has significant financial, social and personal costs.



Thurrock (United Kingdom) – lead partner
Bologna (Italy)
Lubjana (Slovenia)
Leoben (Austria)
Alba Iulia (Romania)
Kielce (Poland)
Nagykálló (Unghery)




Social: Twitter: @JobTown2, Facebook: @JobTown2, Linkedin: