DESUR - Developing Sustainable Regions through Responsible SMEs

Desur - Sviluppare Regioni sostenibili attraverso PMI responsabili

Programme: Interreg IVC


Lifetime: January 2012 – September 2014


Keywords: CSR, SMEs, good practices, policies


Objective: Desur wants to encourage the sharing of knowledge between regions in order to improve policies that promote social responsibility in SMEs.

To this end, the foreseen actions are:

1) identification of good policy practices in the inclusion of social responsibility in SMEs business model;

2) analysis of best practices to find out the success factors and the elements necessary for their transfer from one region / geographical area to another;

3) dissemination of the lessons learned through the development of actions and tools enabling other regions to improve their policies;

4) ensuring the durability of the results obtained by designing implementation plans and defining the measures to be taken by the regional / local authorities.



  • Fundecyt – Spain – Lead partner
  • South West Regional Authority, Ballincollig Regional Authority – Ireland;
  • Region of Western Macedonia, European Programmes Office – Greece;
  • Province of Bologna – Italy;
  • Pannon Business Network Association – Hungary;
  • Institute of Environmental Engineering Kaunas University of Technology - Lithuania;
  • Labour fund Zasavje, foundation for active employment policy – Slovenia.