MER - Marketing and govERning innovative industrial areas

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Programme: Interreg Med


Lifetime: July 2013 – December 2014


Keywords: green marketing, SMEs, governance, industrial-parks


Objective: MER project through a “network of networks” shares experiences, ideas, opportunities, best practices and perspectives on energy, environmental issues and green marketing tools, to contribute to the improvement of competitiveness and attractiveness in the frame of sustainable growth according to the Europe 2020 Strategy.



Province of Bologna, IT - LP

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Nice Cote D'Azur, France

Anatoliki sa. Greece

ENEA – Italian National Agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development, Italy

FVMP - Valencian Federation Of Municipalities And Provinces, Spain

CEEI Valencia -VALENCIA Business And Innovation Centre, Spain

University of Algarve, Portugal

Informest, Italy

Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia

Cyprus Energy Agency

MIEMA – Malta Intelligent Energy Management Agency



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logo MER