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While awaiting the English version of the Metropolitan City of Bologna website, which this page is linked to, here is an explanation of what tourist Destination metropolitan Bologna is.

Bologna Metropolitan Destination

The Regional Council Resolution of 12/13/2016 has defined the metropolitan territory as a Vast Area for tourist purposes and the Metropolitan City as Tourist Destination.

In agreement with the local businesses, work began to jointly define the strategies and priorities on which the new entity will operate.

Bodies of Tourist Destination

The Bodies of Tourist Destination are: The Steering Committee and The Central Direction


The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the executive body of the Destination and expresses the directions of development in the activities of the Tourist Destination.It consists of the Presidents of the seven City Unions of the Metropolitan area of Bologna, plus the Metropolitan City Councilor for Economic Development and Tourism and by one representative of the Province of Modena.It is presided over by the Mayor of Bologna.


The Central Direction

The Central Direction ensures the inclusion of private entities representing the local tourism sector. This body is responsible for city strategic coordination to develop tourism promo-marketing activities. It consists of the Metropolitan City Councilor in charge of Economic Development and Tourism, member of the Chamber of Commerce, the Trade Fair, Bologna Airport and the main trade associations. It is chaired by the Mayor.

DMO - Destination Management Organization

The DMO (Destination Managment Organization) is the operational arm of Tourist Destination that manages promotional marketing activities. Bologna Welcome won the tender for tourist promotion and marketing of the Destination.


Bologna Tourist Destination is a “community” destination. With the aim of creating "partecipation governance" some "concerted boards" have been created including stakeholders. The Boards already active are: Appennines, Imola, Plain and the City of Bologna.

Goals of the Metropolitan City

The promotional activities are listed in the Annual Program.

The three main goals are:

  • To increase the leisure tourism;
  • To reinforce off-peak periods;
  • Improve quality of rural accommodation.