Boost Energy Label Take Up


Programme: Horizon 2020 
Lifetime: 30 months, from 9/1/2019 to 2/28/2022

Key words: Communication, Dissemination, Energetic efficiency, Consumers, Public Procurement Personnel, Energy saving



The EU energy label has been designed to provide consumers with accurate, recognisable and comparable information regarding energy consumption, performance and other essential characteristics of domestic household products. It allows consumers to immediately identify a product’s energetic efficiency, giving the possibility to evaluate costs and its environmental impact.

In consideration of the continuous improvement in terms of energetic efficiency, the current classification is going to be rescaled. This will cause strong uncertainty both on supply side (production, distribution and retail) and demand side. The issues related to logistical aspects and correct product identification will generate additional costs for companies and confusion for consumers

BELT has the intent to smooth this transition phase through:

  • facilitating the passage from old to new labeling, minimizing errors at every level of the value chain, from manufacturer to consumer.
  • guide consumers towards more informed choices, in terms of energetic efficiency and environmental impact;
  • stimulate producers to develop Research and Innovation for their products, with a positive impact for investments.


BELT will create communication campaigns, organize workshops and develop training activities able to reach 7 Nations, 20 millions stakeholders and 4.400 market operators.


  • Altroconsumo Edizioni Srl, Italy (Lead partner)
  • Association des Consommateurs Test-Achats SCRL, Belgium
  • OCU Ediciones s.a., Spain
  • DECO Proteste Editores LDA, Portugal
  • Zveza Potrošnikov Slovenije, Slovenia
  • ICLEI (Local Governments For Sustainability), Germany
  • Sofies Consulting Ltd, UK
  • Città metropolitana di Bologna, Italy
  • Bureau Europeen Des Unions De Consommateurs, Belgium
  • ECODOM Consorzio Italiano Per Il Recupero e il Riciclaggio degli Elettrodomestici, Italy
  • Sonae Center Serviços II s.a., Portugal


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 847043


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