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The Metropolitan City of Bologna is based in North East Italy and is one of 10 metropolitan areas, which were legislated for in 2014. Being a metropolitan city means that Bologna is one of the most populous and economically important cities in Italy.


The Metropolitan Area

The Metropolitan City of Bologna covers an area of 3,702.3 square kilometres with around 1 million inhabitants. It involves 55 municipalities, including Bologna which is the capital of Emilia-Romagna Region. Bologna is a strategic logistics hub connecting Central Europe with southern Italy, Northern Europe and the countries of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean. In Bologna there are 5 railway lines, 4 motorways, an international airport, a major freight village. Bologna is a tourist and cultural centre of great interest.


The economy in Bologna

The Metropolitan City of Bologna’s economic profile is rooted in the service sector, accounting for about 63% of all employment; with much of this higher value in the areas of information and communication, finance, professional and technical. Manufacturing also plays a strong role in the economy of the Metropolitan City of Bologna, and it is similar in outputs to comparable areas in Germany and across wider Europe.

The wider region and indeed the Metropolitan City of Bologna is famed for the scale of its entrepreneurs, particularly its cooperatives with their strong emphasis on exports.

Emilia-Romagna is the second region in Italy for the high presence of innovative start-ups and more than a quarter (25,3%) of these innovative start-ups are based in the metropolitan area of Bologna. Besides a study conducted by Unioncamere places the Emilia Romagna in 3rd place among the Italian Regions by number of firms that have invested in green technologies over 2008-2013. More than 400 companies (around 30% of the regional ones) located in Bologna are green, and are clearly growing. The Economic Development Department main fields of activity are:

  • stimulating local economic development;
  • enforcing and creating networks and synergies between the main local actors,
  • supporting enterprises managing funds in collaboration with Emilia-Romagna;
  • encouraging creation of new enterprises (e.g. start-up support, one-stop-shops coordination, Business Angels Bologna, ...).


Some working issues: industrial-parks, circular and green economy, energy efficiency, sustainable logistics, green and responsible procurements, corporate social responsibility, young talents, crowdfunding, tourism promotion.


EU projects

Cooperation projects represent for the Metropolitan City of Bologna (former Province of Bologna) important tools to compare at European level practices, methodologies and policies, for the implementation of innovative services and platform geared to business needs. It has a wide experience both as project partner and lead partner.



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