Economic development and attractiveness of investments

In accordance with the General Framework Agreement with the Emilia-Romagna Region, the Metropolitan City of Bologna coordinates and promotes the economic and social development of the metropolitan area, consistently with the strategic guidelines identified with a view of Bologna as attractive, inclusive and connected to the world.

Bologna is the ideal destination for qualitatively significant investments - both national and foreign - owing to its logistical position, advanced services, the presence of skilled workers, a fast and business friendly Public Administration, an excellent education and training system, a stimulating cultural and social environment.

The Metropolitan City through the Service Attractiveness, Transformation Processes and Simplification offers:

  • the mapping tool of the areas and industrial buildings available, key sectors of the production system (packaging, logistic, agro-food...), services of the metropolitan area (transport network, education system...);
  • knowledge of the localization opportunites for investors;
  • tutoring and support services to start and operate a business;
  • assistance to the companies already established in the area to grow and develop their business;
  • simplification of administrative procedures, through the metropolitan SUAP (Sportello Unico per le Attività Produttive) i.e. the point of single contact for the productive activities.


In this challenge for attractiveness, the Metropolitan City represents the trait d'union between institutional actors and representatives of the productive and social world. It operates in close synergy with the entire institutional chain.

For the promotion, attractiveness of the investments and the productive growth of the territory, the Metropolitan City of Bologna has activated a series of collaborations with institutional bodies, such as Confindustria Area Emilia Centro, Ervet and Aster.

The metropolitan area of Bologna wishes to become a centre of interest for research and the productive projects of excellence. A welcoming place for people, with distributed entrepreneurship and a vast heritage of cultural and environmental riches.

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Service Attractiveness, Transformation Processes and Simplification


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